The Trust Yourself 10 Day Challenge: Day 8

Master your emotions.

Melody Wilding, LMSW


You’ve officially reached Day Eight of the Trust Yourself Challenge!

You can catch up on each day of the challenge below:

Today let’s talk about our final STRIVE quality:


Emotionality is the most challenging for many Sensitive Strivers to balance. After all, you are naturally a deeper feeler and tend to have more intense, complex emotional responses.

When your Emotionality is unbalanced, you may:

❌ Get derailed by intense, unpleasant feelings for hours or days

❌ Pretend everything is okay while silently brooding

❌ Be at the whim of an ever-changing stream of feelings

But when your Emotionality is balanced, you’re able to:

✔️ Take in positive feelings like joy, pride, and satisfaction without guilt

✔️ Effectively process and work through difficult emotions to take constructive action

✔️ Respond to your emotions with acceptance and flexibility, not resistance and shame

To show you what I mean, let me share the story of my client, Tracy.

Tracy would get defensive at the slightest hint of criticism — real or imagined.

For example, if asked for a status update, she’d assume the person was suggesting she dropped a ball. Or, when a colleague would propose a concept, she’d assume they were judging her for not thinking of the idea sooner.

Tracy would have intense emotional reactions, losing the rest of her day to anger spirals. Or she would burst out in tears during conversations because she’d get so emotional.

Tracy used the tools in my new book TRUST YOURSELF to regulate her responses and put situations in perspective. We worked on building her inner strength and resilience so she wouldn’t spend the day ruminating.



Melody Wilding, LMSW

Author of TRUST YOURSELF. Executive coach to Sensitive Strivers. Human behavior professor. Featured in NYT, NBC, CNN.